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Alright, so who is Jason Kanakis?

Guitar Player


At the core of any of Jason's endeavors, there is an artist's aspirations and motives. His skills are commonly displayed on a variety of stringed instruments like mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, bass, mandola, etc , but Jason Kanakis is a guitar player first and foremost. That's the reference point for this artist's creative output.....the instrument that commands him......or is it the other way around?! The guitar is Jason Kanakis' trade and his mastery of that trade has kept him in demand as a recording and touring professional.



After more than a decade of working with artists like Sara Bareilles, Rachael Yamagata, Cary Brothers, Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelson, Brett Dennen,(just to name a few) Jason has also become an in demand Film and Television composer. His diverse command of eclectic musical instruments and unique genres, make him a valuable asset for filmmakers, agencies and video game developers alike. "Jason's real gift is handling the challenge of translating another's personal vision, applying it to the parameters of the project and still maintaining an original and unique voice." - Renny Maslow, Emmy Award winning director

Teacher and Student

Teaching some inquisitive youth in Chicago.

For the duration of Jason's career, he's always maintained at least a few guitar students at any given time. While certainly providing income, Jason's approach to teaching is equally driven by being a lifelong student of the guitar. According to Jason, "Nothing teaches one more about the instrument and challenges us more than teaching another human. Every student I've ever had, regardless of skill level, has taught me something new or caused me to think about something in a different manner. This process is what keeps me engaged with the instrument and that lifelong process of discovery." If you're interested in lessons, contact us directly for availability.



Jason Kanakis and the Coalition of the Unwilling , EP

Jason Kanakis and the Coalition of the Unwilling - EP by Jason Kanakis & The Coalition of the Unwilling, a playlist on #SoundCloud 

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